State Governments

We deliver innovative and evidence-based programming with our State Government partners.

Training Programs. MC and Facilitation Services.

We work and partner with State Governments to deliver bespoke training programs as well as provide services for MC and facilitation delivery; both in-person and in an online and webinar formats.

What we do for State Governments?

Online Video Resources

FRANK has designed and delivered bite-sized learning courses for participants to access. These courses are available 24/7 and self directed.

Innovation and Employability Challenges

We work with State Governments and stakeholders to design and deliver innovation and employability challenges.

Webinar and Special Event Facilitation and MC services

FRANK partners with State Governments to MC and facilitate State Government webinars as well as online events and training.

Bespoke and Customised Training

At FRANK, we believe that learning should be both effective and engaging and we work with our State Government partners to build learning experiences which deliver results.

Clients FRANK has partnered with

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