Workplace Professionalism from The Skills Gap Conversation Series

Take a dive deep into what workplace professionalism in the modern workforce looks like

Workplace Professionalism from The Skills Gap Conversation Series

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Linda Apostolidis was born and raised in Newcastle, spending the majority of her career in advertising and marketing before bringing her family back to Newcastle in 2010. Linda spent 8 years at Hudson Newcastle, leading their Technology practice, before helping build a start-up recruitment agency. In a desire to start her own business, she joined James as a Director of NewyTechPeople in 2020. NewyTechPeople is a business based on Community + Recruitment.

Linda has been a long term advocate of talent locally, helping many graduates start their careers in technology. She has experience recruiting across Software & Web Development, DevOps, Infrastructure, Project Management, Business Analysis, Change & Transformation, Solution & Enterprise Architecture, Analytics, Data Science, Business Intelligence, IT Operations and Senior Management.

When graduates join the workforce, how professionalism and attitude will have a direct impact on their opportunities for advancement and their overall career trajectory. Learn about the changing trends impacting professionalism in the modern workforce. In this Skills Gap conversation, we focused on the need for graduates and students to be work ready.

This Skills Gap Conversation covers:

  • What does professionalism look like in the modern workforce?
  • How "informal" can we get in workplace communication?
  • How do we build relationships with our team especially if everyone is virtual?
  • What behaviours should we avoid at work?

Workplace Professionalism with Linda Apostolidis

Main takeaways from Linda’s’ webinar

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