CEO of You; Creating a Mindset of Agility & Resilience to Prepare for the Future of Work (INTERCHANGE Special)

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Claire Bath is a high-calibre female leader in the tech industry, uniquely based in regional Australia. She is analytical, encouraging, forward thinking, and a superior coach and mentor. An early adopter of change, she worked remotely before it became mainstream; negotiated part time hours from full time positions.

She has inspired business leaders, IT graduates, trainees, GIS specialists, project managers, mid-tier IT leaders, programmers, analysts, operations staff of all ages, genders and backgrounds. Claire has maintained her networks through attending industry mentoring programs and continues to give back and coach others. She always kept abreast of industry developments, has a passion for continuous learning, offering opportunities to her staff and professional excellence.

Following her passion as a mentor she joined The Opportunity Collective to inspire local women to reach their potential through the Hunter Women’s Leadership Program. Claire was a finalist in the 2020 B&T Women leading Tech awards under the mentor category

Join us for July's INTERCHANGE Special Skills Gap Conversation where we will discuss agility and resilience in work with Claire.

How can you prepare for the future of work? Will you be in an office from 9-5 or will you be working remotely? What kind of hours will you work? How can you best balance work and life in 2022? How can you become the CEO of YOU?

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The Skills Gap Conversations - Importance of Mindset of Agility

Main Takeaways from Claire Bath's webinar

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