Developing Commercial Awareness from The Skills Gap Conversation Series

Join us for a discussion on the importance of developing commercial awareness

Developing Commercial Awareness from The Skills Gap Conversation Series

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Tina Wyer has 25 years experience in the Financial Services Industry, including her 17 year career at JPMorganChase, where she held several C-suite roles, including Corporate Technology Asia Head & Chief Data Officer, responsible for driving major change and transformation agendas across both the business and technology domains. Tina and her family have recently moved to Noosa, Queensland and founded her own company Unbeatable You, with the vision to provide career inspiration, guidance, motivation and advice to talent of the future - working with high schools, universities and corporations, as part of their graduate recruiting programs and broader leader talent initiatives. She is also the Chair of Empowered Women in Trade and on a number of other boards and advisory committees.

Commercial awareness is one of the key attributes cited by many employers as being essential to employability.

There is no one definition of ‘commercial awareness’ and it can also be referred to as “business or organisational awareness”. It is about showing a broad interest in business and current affairs, and more specifically understanding what an organisation does and the environment in which it operates. This is a highly valued skill by employers and one they say is still lacking in many graduates.

This Skills Gap Conversation covers:

  • What does commercial awareness means in terms of careers
  • How you can build that skill and gain that knowledge
  • How you can demonstrate your commercial awareness during an interview

The Skills Gap Conversations - Developing Commercial Awareness

Main takeaways from Tina's webinar

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