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Meet the mission driven team absolutely dedicated to educating the present and emerging generations.

We are curious. We are tinkerers. We are inventors. We are entrepreneurs. We are changemakers. We truly care about the world and we are foolish enough to believe we can make a positive difference to it. One way we change the world, is by working with you to help you create an amazing life (and career!).

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Curious about who some of our presenters are? Here is a little about us...

Natasha Munasinghe

CEO / Presenter

Disappointed her parents when she chose not pursue a legal career. Confused them even further when she learnt how to become a Software Developer. Luckily, developed a passion for Education. Very susceptible to good coffee.

Amie Morris


Could write a volume of books from her time training politicians about how to present and communicate with the media. Has ridiculously good posture. Her side hustle is called @Projectshine which is about teaching young people confidence.

Melissa Abu Gazaleh


Has won numerous awards including EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year & NSW Young Australian of the Year. Incredibly passionate about men's mental health and runs Top Blokes Foundation. Yet insanely humble.

Aaron Ngan


Cannot walk down the street without meeting someone he knows. Has commiited his life to enabling young people becoming successful entrepreneurs & creating their own futures; check out one of his ventures; @juniorachievementaustralia.

Malika Krishnadasan


Carved a remarkable and diverse career for herself from finance to change management working for companies like Microsoft, Medtronic and Canon Australia. Passionate about leadership and ensuring people work to their potential

Sacha Kaluri


Has a store of energy that is hard to believe. From podcasts to TV and radio to presentng - Sacha is doing it all. Her passion is squarely on enabling young people to be their best.

Ivan Chew


Is studying his 5th degree - from construction management to psychology to stand up comedy - Ivan has you covered. There is nothing boring that takes place during his shift!

Silver de Redder


Lives and breathes neuroscience. Her past experience as an engineer ensures she brings a very science based foundation to training and learning experiences.

Awards & Conference Presentations

PIEoneer awards

PIEoneer Awards

AFR awards

Australian Financial Review


ISANA International Education Conference


Australian International Education Conference

Client Love

You are our priority. Here is what a few of our clients have said...
FRANK were very professional leading up to and throughout the workshop. I found the facilitator to be very warm and likeable, which is important to engage the students. I received very favourable feedback from the participants in the workshop - it seemed to open their minds to options and ideas they hadn't previously considered and gave them practical skills they could utilise in their future networking situations.

Kaye Harrison

Macquarie University
Natasha and her team are amazing and understand completely what our business necessities are.

Eduardo Carvallo

Dept of Education NSW Government
I can recommend FRANK for any project where enthusiasm, passion and results are required. We received excellent feedback from the Deputy Vice Chancellor about the seminar."

Nicole Woll

University of Technology Sydney

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